The Political Animal No. 6: Checkoffs and The Abuse of Animals…and Farmers

The government requires most farmers to contribute to funds that are often used against their better interests. The results hurt family farms and lead to the increasingly brutal, mechanized treatment of animals. Legislation is pending that would require more transparency and purity of purpose for the use of what amounts to an $800 million yearly tax on agriculture.

Joining Wayne Pacelle and Marty Irby to discuss this legislation is special guest Mike Eby, chairman of the National Dairy Producer’s Organization. Eby promotes more humane and sustainable agriculture and has been published in The Daily Caller vocalizing the call for reform of the USDA’s checkoff programs, and he is currently one of three candidates vying for president of the National Farmer’s Union.

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Theme music from "Fearless First" by Kevin MacLeod (; License: CC BY (

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